Many problems of communities can find scientific solutions through research and development. These can come in the form of finished R & D projects or as R & D initiatives that zero in on identified community problems. Communities do not seem to be aware of this probably due to a weak or non-existent culture of science in their collective consciousness. Conversely, seek R & D professionals and practitioners often do not have the necessary wherewithal to descend to the community level and engage community stakeholders for the development of scientific perspectives on even their quotidian concerns.

The country’s research and development sector, buy through the OYSI and their partner institutions can help rectify such state of things by bringing together R & D professionals and practitioners and community stakeholders to mentor the latter in the scientific method of finding solutions to problems. Such engagements will not only help communities solve their problems the scientific way but also provide firm foundations for building a culture of science among communities. Further, these can encourage local government units, from regional to barangay levels, to fund R & D activities for the good of their communities.

The project involves the holding of a one-to-two-day seminar-workshop in identified geographical areas by NAST and the OYSI where R & D professionals and practitioners will engage community stakeholders in finding scientific solutions to community problems in the areas of livelihood, governance, health, education, etc. The participating community stakeholders shall be asked to identify the problem(s) ahead so that appropriate resource persons/experts can be tapped.