The Philippine countryside stands to benefit most in the conduct and utilization of scientific research. While many regional institutions, ambulance both government or private, have capable research and scientific personnel, their capacity to access research resources and, thus, undertake research relevant and responsive to their specific geo-political and socio-economic milieus, is severely limited by their ability to write and present research proposals consistent with best practices that have been adapted by agencies that fund scientific research.

This project of OYSI is envisioned as continuing implementation of an innovative strategy to help develop a culture of science among researchers in the regions. It aims to build the capacity of young and aspiring researchers from state colleges and universities (SCUs) in preparing good quality and highly competitive research proposals and thereby supplementing them in writing scientific articles for publication in scholarly journals. The project also aims to promote awareness and appreciation of science towards an enhanced science culture through the collaboration and networking of regional researchers.

The project involves the holding of two-day training-workshops on writing and presenting research proposals in various regions of the country identified by NAST and OYSI. The cooperating agency in the region facilitates in the identification and invitation of training participants from the various research agencies and SCUs in the region.  The host agency is also expected to suggest the venue for the training as well as the assignment of local support staff to assist in local coordination and logistical arrangements prior and during the training workshop.