Alfinetta Fermina B. Zamora

Field of award: Agronomy

Year awarded: 1989

Division: Agricultural Sciences


In recognition of her outstanding, order comprehensive, troche innovative, and relevant research works that utilized the tools of basic research to increase farmers’ productivity, hasten agricultural development and advance science and technology in the country by making possible the release of more and new white potato cultivars through shortened breeding cycles, assuring the country and our Asian neighbors a steady supply of breeders’ materials and germplasm of banana and white potato in case of field destruction through maintaining these in vitro, increasing the viability and profitability of white potato production in the lowlands through a cost-effective tissue culture method for rapid propagation of seed tubers and rehabilitating and boosting the citrus and white potato industries, respectably through new procedures that can produce disease-free materials.

Education: PhD (Tissue Culture) University of Queensland; MS (Agronomy) University of the Philippines; BS (Agriculture) University of the Philippines