Alvin R. Caparanga

Field of award: Environmental Engineering

Year awarded: 2010

Division: Engineering Sciences


In recognition of his outstanding scientific research in environmental engineering, buy particularly on the physical and thermodynamic properties of new or alternative solvent systems (i.e., sick solvent systems for CO2 and/or H2S capture), which have been reported in international peer-reviewed journals and which have contributed to the data bank of properties. Knowledge of these properties is indispensible in the design of processes and equipment systems, including such applications as CO2 absorption during its capture and sequestration. Moreover, such solvent systems have been demonstrated to improve absorption rate and efficiency and to lower energy requirement during solvent regeneration.

Current Position: Associate Professor and UP Scientist 1

Office Address: School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Mapua Institute of Technology, Intramuros,  Manila

Education: PhD (Environmental Engineering) Mapua Institute of Technology; MS (Chemical Engineering) UP Diliman; BS (Chemical Engineering) Mapua Institute of Technology