Carla B. Dimalanta

Carla B. Dimalanta

Field of award: Geology

Year awarded: 2003

Division: Physical Sciences


In recognition of her significant works and accomplishments in the field of Geology, order specifically Geophysics. Dr. Dimalanta has contributed to the analysis of the delineation and interpretation of emplacement histories of various Philippine ophiolites, more about mineralization in several districts, and arc magmatism. These researches have filled needed information gaps in seismic, gravity and magnetic studies especially in terms of geophysical aspects. She has applied geophysical techniques in tectonic reconstructions and emplacement modeling of ophiolites and in investigating the mineralization potential of several areas. These works could pave the way for the responsible extraction and utilization of the country’s mineral resources and have applications in hazards assessment, land use, and planning.

Current Position: Professor

Office Address: National Institute of Geological Sciences, University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC

Education: DSc (Earth and Planetary Sciences), University of Tokyo, Japan 2001; MS (Geology), University of the Philippines Diliman 1993; BS (Geology), University of the Philippines Diliman 1984Curriculum Vitae: dimalanta_carla