Carlo Magno

Carlo Magno

Field of award: Philosophy of Educational Psychology

Year awarded: 2011

Division: Social Sciences


In recognition of his important research works on metacognition, visit self-regulation, treatment and student achievement which explain ways how individuals find solutions to problems, information pills control negative emotions, achieve critical and scientific thinking, speak and write in a second language, develop beliefs about learning, and value learning; for introducing modern test theory as an alternative to the use of classical test theory among educators; for his professional association in developing educational and psychological assessment in the country wherein he was able to advocate improvement on the practice of assessment among educators and the value of assessment in teaching and learning; and by demonstrating how sound scientific psychology, dedicated professional work, ad passion for the Filipino learners can create ways to improve our educational system that are responsive to the Filipino learner’s needs and aspirations..

Current Position: Faculty

Office Address: De La Salle University, Counseling and Educational Psychology Department, 2401 Taft Ave., Manila

Education: PhD (Educational Psychology –Measurement and Evaluation) De La Salle University, Manila 2008; MA (Education, Major in Basic Education Teaching) Ateneo de Manila University 2003; BA (Psychology), De La Salle University, Manila1998