Constancio A. Asis Jr.

Constancio A. Asis Jr.

Field of award: Agriculture

Year awarded: 2008

Division: Agricultural Sciences


In recognition of his significant studies on the elucidation of interaction mechanisms of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in non-leguminous crops including the discovery of Trigonelline, more about a chemo-attractant for rhizobia and an active medicinal compound in rice seeds as well as the isolation of a nitrogen-fixing bacteria from sugarcane and sweet potato. His novel technique in increasing nitrogen fixation in legumes through combined inoculation of Rhizobium and helper bacteria has doubled the capacity of the plants to tap atmospheric nitrogen as their source of nitrogen, see thus reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

Current Position: Supervising Science Research Specialist and Scientist I

Office Address: Philippine Rice Research Institute, Maligaya, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

Education: PhD (Agriculture), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan 2001; MS (Agriculture), Ibaraki University, Japan 1998; BS (Agriculture), cum laude, Visayas State University, Leyte 1990