Cynthia P. Palmes-Saloma

Cynthia P. Palmes-Saloma

Field of award: Biophysics

Year awarded: 2004

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of her scientific and technical contributions to the field of biological sciences in the area of biophysics, about it particularly in biological imaging as well as in developmental biology. She combines the tools of molecular biology and optical physics to image the expression domains of various genes both in wild type and mutant whole mount mouse embryos. Her high level of research competence has been evident in her track record in the formulation and implementation of original research projects on neurobiology, mammalian development and genetics and confocal laser scanning microscopy of turbid biological structures in whole mount mouse embryos.

Current Position: Professor of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Director, National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Program Director, Philippine Genome Center DNA Sequencing Core Facility, University of the Philippines

Office Address: National Science Complex, University of the Philippines Diliman

Education: PhD (Physiology), Osaka University 1998; MS (Medical Science), Osaka University 1995; BS (Molecular Biology). Nagoya University, Japan 1993; BS (Fisheries) University of the Philippines Visayas Oct 1987