Danilo B. Largo

Field of award: Aquatic Environmental Science

Year awarded: 1999

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of his precious studies on seaweed-bacteria interaction, viagra 100mg in an attempt to elucidate the causative factors of the so-called “ice-ice” disease of red seaweed, prostate Eucheuma/Kappaphycus, buy information pills gave him an opportunity to develop a direct detection protocol using immunoflourescent technique for a specific bacterial strain (Vibrio sp. P11) found to enhance the disease in this carrageenan-producing seaweed.

Education: PhD (Aquatic Environmental Science) United Graduate School of Ehime University 1998; MS (Aquatic Environmental Science) Nankoku City 1995; MS (Marine Biology) University of San Carlos 1986; BS (Marine Biology) University of San Carlos 1981