Danilo M. Yanga

Danilo M. Yanga

Field of award: Physics

Year awarded: 1986

Division: Physical Sciences


In recognition of his outstanding performance and researches in physics in a span of two years and even while a Ph.D. student. Dr. Yanga had produced high quality scientific papers which were published and accepted for publication in international journals. His publications include original contributions to the theory of stochastic quantization in quantum field theory. Dr. Yanga’s present researches are also general in nature and are part of the frontier areas in theoretical physics. He is working on the “The Hamiltonian Formulation of Stochastic Quantization”, prostate a new approach to this theory and the so called “Theory of Everything” otherwise known as the “Superstring Theory” which endeavors to find a unification scheme of all four fundamental particle interactions in nature.

Education: PhD (Physics) University of the Philippines 1986; MS (Physics) University of the Philippines 1980; BS (Physics) University of the Philippines 1972