Derrick Ethelbhert C. Yu

Field of award: Chemistry

Year awarded: 2012

Division: Chemical Sciences


In recognition of his outstanding research contributions in inorganic and organic metallic chemistry, no rx specifically, link in the design and synthesis of  partially-oxidized metallopthalocyanines with axial ligands useful in the development of non-volatile computer memory and his one-step synthesis method enabling facile reproduction of promising molecular conductors. The latter created a new paradigm in molecular engineering of magnetic molecular conductors resulting in materials property controllability and optimization, while maintaining stable intrinsic electronic and magnetic properties. Further, his research on ligand-based computational drug design has brought about basis and considerations for designing potential drug molecules for cancer and diabetes. Early on, he has shown dedication in bringing science closer to the people by contributing to S&T development through education and creating public awareness that development in the country is hinged highly on S&T.

Current Position: Professor

Office Address: Department of Chemistry, College of Science, De La Salle University, Manila

Education: PhD Chemistry, Hokkaido University, Japan; MSc Chemistry, De La Salle University, Manila; BSc Chemistry, De La Salle University, Manila