Erwin P. Enriquez

Field of award: Physical Chemistry

Year awarded: 2004

Division: Chemical Sciences


In recognition of his outstanding achievements in the area of materials chemistry especially involving nanostructured systems using polymers and their composites. He has pioneered in the use of indigenous biopolymeric systems, sildenafil such as carrageenan, as an aid in the patterned deposition of photo- or electroactive  nanoparticles. Moreover, he has contributed to the development of soft lithographic techniques for micro- and nano- patterning for use in future molecular electronic devives, and the use of “templating” or “molecular imprinting” as a general methodology for synthesis and fabrication of functional polymeric systems. Dr. Enriquez has served as consultant for government and industry pertaining to areas involving polymers and surface characterization.

Education: PhD (Physical Chemistry) University of North Carolina 1993; BS (Chemistry) University of the Philippines 1987