Esperanza A. Icasas-Cabral

Esperanza A. Icasas-Cabral

Field of award: Cardiology

Year awarded: 1981

Division: Health Sciences


With more than 80 scientific papers published in esteemed books and journals here and abroad, web Dr. Cabral has always emphasized the value of research in the quest for better treatment and further understanding of various medical enigmas. She has done considerable work on hypertension, coronary artery disease, rheumatic heart disease, diabetes mellitus and congestive heart failure, investigating their prevalence and characteristics as well as testing specific drugs for these illnesses. One of her most significant studies was done in light of the Department of Health’s implementation of the Generic Law. She found out that a number of generic preparations actually contained less active ingredients compared with their branded equivalents. This prompted the department to enforce stricter requirements that generic drug manufacturers had to meet before their products were sold to the government and to the public.

Education: D (Medicine) University of the Philippines 1968; B (Premed) University of the Philippines 1964