Gemma Teresa T. Narisma

Gemma Teresa T. Narisma

Field of award: Atmospheric Science

Year awarded: 2012

Division: Physical Sciences


In recognition of her outstanding researches on the influence of land cover on climate and regional climate modeling. These are important in understanding the complex forces that drive anthropogenic climate change and in assessing the impacts global climate change, pharm especially on a climate-sensitive agricultural archipelago like the Philippines where impacts of global warming need to be known and anticipated. Her research outputs have been published in international journals and contribute significantly to public policy formulation and implementation on adaptation or disaster risk reduction measures.

Current Position: Associate Professor, information pills Head, medications Regional Climate Systems Program

Office Address: Manila Observatory, Ateneo de Manila University Campus, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Education: PhD(Atmospheric Science) Macquarie University, Australia 2004; MS (Environmental Science) University of the Philippines Diliman 1998; BS (Applied Physics) University of the Philippines Diliman 1994