Ida F. Dalmacio

Field of award: Food Microbiology

Year awarded: 1986

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of her significant contribution in food microbiology especially towards the solution of aflatoxin problem existing in both feed and food industries. Dr. Dalmacio’s work on the chemical detoxification of aflatoxin-contaminated corn, prescription sorghum, and peanut has shown that application of ammonia and propionic acid to these commodities prior to the storage prevents mold growth and subsequent aflatoxin formation and detoxifies or greatly reduces aflatoxin content in contaminated agricultural crops. Equally important is her research on the use of natural fermentation to increase the level of limiting amino acids in cereals; thus, improving their nutritive quality. The techniques developed through this research could be used to help solve the nutrition problem existing in under developed and developing countries.

Education: PhD (Food Science) Pennsylvania State University 1976; MS (Plant Pathology) University of the Philippines 1972; BS (Agriculture) University of the Philippines 1969