Mario Antonio L. Jiz II

Field of award: Medical Science

Year awarded: 2017

Division: Health Sciences


For his valuable contributions to the understanding of immunity to schistosomiasis, rx a parasitic infection affecting millions of Filipinos, click and the development of vaccines for this disease.  Dr. Jiz is instrumental in identifying paramyosin as a lead vaccine candidate for schistosomiasis through analysis of antibody responses of patients from Leyte.  He has also developed the patented pilot-scale process to produce recombinant paramyosin (rSj97) vaccine, page and demonstrated its safety and immunogenicity in carabaos naturally exposed to schistosomiasis. He likewise proved, in contrast to previous reports, that carabaos are highly infected with schistosomiasis and serve as a major transmission agent in the Philippines.

Current Position: Head of the Immunology Department Medicine, The Medical City

Office Address: Research Institute for Tropical Medicine