Julie F. Barcelona

Julie F. Barcelona

Field of award: Botany

Year awarded: 2005

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of biology specifically on plant systematics. Her studies on ferns and rafflesias are botanical landmarks that provide information significant to documentation and research on Philippine floral diversity. Her discovery of a new species of Rafflesia, pharm a genus of large-smelly-flowered parasitic plants has placed the country in the center of interest and activity research on unique and largely unknown and endangered species. She has also prepared and maintained the most complete and updated database of pteridophytes (ferns and fern allies) collected in the Philippines since the early 1800s, ask which is the most powerful resource in biodiversity conservation in this plant group in the Philippines.

Current Position: Adjunct Fellow/Visiting Academic

Office Address: School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand

Education: PhD (Botany), Miami University 2000; MS (Biological Sciences), University of Santo Tomas 1994; BS (Biological Sciences), West Visayas State University 1987

Curriculum Vitae: jfbarcelonacv23july2013