Laura T. David

Laura T. David

Field of award: Physical Oceanography

Year awarded: 2007

Division: Physical Sciences


In recognition of her multi-disciplinary study in shallow water and coastal oceanography. Her research involves looking into ocean productivity and diversity as it relates to physico-chemical characteristics and looking at how human activities on land and sea affect the coastal areas and our vulnerability to global climate change. Her research, ambulance as well as, price involvement as invited lecturer in international workshops on coastal biogeochemical budgets and ocean remote sensing has earned her nomination and appointment to two international scientific committees and a co-chairmanship in the Remote Sensing Working Group of the World Bank/Global Environmental Facility sponsored international research on Coral Reefs. Since 1998, price she has been continuously developing and teaching a graduate course on “Coastal Ocean Remote Sensing and Image Analysis” at UP MSI to spark local interest in using remote sensing in marine science research.

Current Position: Associate Professor V and UP Scientist 1

Office Address: Marine Science Institute, College of Science, University of the Philippines Diliman

Education: PhD (Physical Oceanography) University of South Carolina; BS (Chemistry) University of Philippines Diliman