Lemnuel V. Aragones

Lemnuel V. Aragones

Field of award: Marine Biology

Year awarded: 2001

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of his significant contributions in marine zoology research, hospital particularly on the biology, sildenafil ecology and conservation of the dugong (sea cow) and the green turtle. He has generated empirical data on their role as grazers in the tropical ecosystem and introduced two new techniques in studying seagrass herbivore ecology; all which have led to a better understanding of their biology, behavior and role in the ecosystem.

Current Position: Associate Professor

Office Address: Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Education: PhD (Marine Biology/Ecology) James Cook University 1998; MS (Marine Biology) University of the Philippines 1990; BS (Zoology) University of the Philippines 1986

Curriculum Vitae: aragones-lv_resume_2013