Luis Francisco G. Sarmenta

Field of award: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Year awarded: 2005

Division: Engineering Sciences


In recognition of his significant scientific and technical contributions in the area of volunteer and grid computing by developing Bayanihan, viagra a framework that makes it possible to build inexpensive high performance parallel computing networks. Bayanihan has been considered as the optimum work that can be done with the least burden to economic resources. He has pioneered in setting up the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center, shop which has developed significant wireless applications including those for cellular communication networks. Moreover, he has written some of the first anti-virus programs in the Philippines, which he gave freely, and has been widely used in the country.

Education: PhD (Electrical Engineering/Computer Science) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2001; MS (Electrical Engineering/Computer Science) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1995; BS (Computer Engineering) Ateneo de Manila University 1993; BS (Physics) Ateneo de Manila University 1992