Manolo G. Mena

Field of award: Metallurgy

Year awarded: 1986

Division: Engineering Sciences


In recognition of his significant contribution in mining and metallurgical engineering. Dr. Mena developed processes, what is ed which are more efficient and co-effective in converting our natural resources into high value commodities. These include the leaching of chrysocholla- a fast becoming source of copper in the world- with ammonia- ammonium carbonate, an alternative to high temperature and energy-intensive processes, the use of aqueous oxidation which results into four-fold increase in gold recovery for ores not amenable of conventional cyanidation, the use of inhibitors which could reduce wear of grinding media, a considerable cost of mineral processing by 50% and  the conversion of locally available materials into products such as sodium molybdate and sodium arsenate which are imported.

Education: PhD (Metallurgy) University of Utah 1983; MS (Metallurgical Engg.) University of the Philippines 1979; BS (Metallurgical Engg.) University of the Philippines 1977