Manuel M. Lantin

Field of award: Plant Breeding

Year awarded: 1988

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of his significant researches in plant breeding. Within a short period of five years, viagra 60mg Dr. Lantin and his research team were able to develop a white corn variety, IPB Var. 2 and improve the yellow corn variety, IPB Var. These varieties are both high yielding and have high level of resistance to downy mildew disease. These are now being used for commercial production of corn in the country. Also through a comprehensive breeding program which he formulated and implemented, a number of corn breeding populations, were developed and improved. These are now used as sources of superior varieties. One of these was a source of resistance to the highly destructive Asian corn borer.

Education: PhD (Plant Breeding & Genetics) Iowa State University 1980; MS (Plant Breeding) University of the Philippines 1976; BS (Agriculture) University of the Philippines 1971