Marcos B. Valdez, Jr.

Marcos B. Valdez, Jr.

Field of award: Animal Genetics

Year awarded: 2012

Division: Agricultural Sciences


In recognition of his outstanding work in the establishment of several inbred lines of chickens which are currently used as general experimental animals in the fields of biomedicine, transgenic research, immunology, and population studies; elucidation of sex determination in Aves which is a major contribution to address the declining population of specialized avian stocks; and for his study on sex reversal of chicken which is a viable technique to preserve the germline of these stocks and can be applied in the conservation of wild endangered species.

Current Position: Assistant Professor

Office Address: Biology Program, Sciences Cluster, University of the Philippines Cebu, Cebu City

Education: Doc. Agr. Sci. (Animal Genetics) Nagoya University 2010; M. Agr. Sci. (Immunogenetics) Nagoya University 2007; BS (Biology-Genetics) University of the Philippines Los Baños 1999