Maria Corazon A. De Ungria

Maria Corazon A. De Ungria

Field of award: Molecular Biology

Year awarded: 2003

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of her work in promoting the use of DNA technology as a tool for finding justice or ‘DNA Forensics’ and for helping study our national (pre)history through understanding the genetics of Philippine populations, visit Dr. De Ungria had received prestigious scientific awards such as the NAST Outstanding Young Scientist in 2003, the UP Gawad Hall of Fame for Best REPS in Research in 2005, the Outstanding Young Scientist award by the Third World Academy of Science in 2006 and being named as the first Filipino regional fellow affiliate of the Academy of Science in the Developing World (2007-2011). Her type of leadership was recognized by different sectors that awarded her with the TOYM award (2005), the Asia Society Young Leader Award (2006) and the TOWNS award (2007).  After 17 years in government service, she continues to advocate for the use of excellent science in nation building, recognizing the power of science in broadening the base from which we can find creative and novel solutions for the problems that afflict society. For Dr. De Ungria, DNA is a powerful catalyst for change and she untiringly works to be a change-maker through her dedication to science at the service of the Filipino people.

Current Position: Head of the DNA Analysis Laboratory of the Natural Sciences Research Institute; Director of the Program on Forensic and Ethnicity of the Philippine Genome Center; Scientist II

Office Address: Natural Sciences Research Institute, University of Philippines Diliman


Education: PhD (Microbiology), University of New South Wales, Australia 1999; BS (Biology with Honors), Macquarie University, Australia 1993