Maria Genaleen Q. Diaz

Maria Genaleen Q. Diaz

Field of award: Genetics

Year awarded: 2006

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the genetic analysis of important Philippine crops such as coconut, drug Lufffa, Momordica and various medicinal plants through techniques that traverse cytogenetics to more advanced techniques of isozyme and DNA markers and microarrays.  Her studies have contributed to a better understanding of the diversity, compatibility and phylogenetic relationships of such crops and further elucidation of the differences of makapuno and normal coconut at the molecular level. Her researches have also enriched eight laboratory manuals in genetics and cytogenetics, which she and her co-authors have published and which have benefited many students in the past ten years.

Current Position: Associate Professor V

Office Address: Genetics and Molecular Biology Division, Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines Los Baños College, Laguna 4009

Education: PhD (Genetics) University of the Philippines Los Baños 2002; MS (Genetics) University of the Philippines Los Baños 1993; BS (Biology) University of the Philippines Los Baños 1986

Curriculum Vitae: diaz_ma-genaleen_cv