Melito A. Baccay

Melito A. Baccay

Field of award: Civil Engineering

Year awarded: 2009

Division: Engineering Sciences


In recognition of his pioneering and outstanding works in the development of non-destructive electrochemical evaluation techniques for the assessment of the instantaneous corrosion rate of steel in existing reinforced concrete structures. His two-dimensional electrochemical model for the measurement and monitoring of steel corrosion in existing structure has been proven to be easy and practical to use. His current works are original and innovative to better understand the nature and mechanism of steel corrosion in existing reinforced concrete structure.

Current Position: Dean, medicine College of Engineering

Office Address: Technological University of the Philippines, price Ayala Blvd., San Marcelino St., Ermita Manila

Education: Dr. of Engineering (International Development Engineering – Civil Engineering) Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 2006; MEng (Civil Engineering), University of Santo Tomas 1998; BS (Civil Engineering), Technological Institute of the Philippines 1994