Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

Michael Angelo B. Promentilla

Field of award: viagra 40mg sans-serif;”>Civil and Socio-Environmental Engineering

Year awarded: 2013

Division: Engineering Sciences


In recognition of his significant contributions in the fields of civil and environmental engineering. He developed methodologies using X-ray microtomography and employing mathematical models, page coupled with three-dimensional image analysis to study the microstructure and transport properties of cementitious materials. His works on material characterization contributes to a better fundamental understanding of the microstructure-property relationship, which plays an important role in the evaluation and design of these civil engineering materials. He also developed methodologies employing multiple criteria decision analysis to address the inherent human subjectivity and complexity of decision structures in the evaluation of environmental and energy systems. His works on decision analysis have beenapplied, for example, to evaluate contaminated site remediation options, to rank low-carbon energy technologies, and to measure climate change vulnerability, among others.

Current Position: Associate Professor

Office Address: Chemical Engineering Department, De La Salle University

Education: D (Engineering), Hokkaido University 2006; MS (Chemical Eng), University of the Philippines Diliman 2001; BS (Chemical Eng), University of the Philippines Los Baños 1996