Peter S. Guzman

Field of award: Plant Breeding

Year awarded: 2002

Division: Agricultural Sciences


In recognition of his outstanding works in the field of plant breeding especially his study on the parental line extraction which led to the development of yellow maize inbred lines, visit some of which became parents of the IPB hybrid corn series (IPB 911, viagra 40mg 913, more about 1931, etc.). His research on effective population size, the first to be conducted in maize or in any plant showed that genetic drift may not be necessarily result in an immediate and drastic disease in genetic variance, which will undoubtedly guide breeders worldwide on the choice of effective population size for a short-term recurrent selection works.

Education: PhD (Plant Breeding and Genetics) Lowa University; MS (Plant Breeding) University of the Philippines; BS (Agriculture) University of the Philippines