Phillip A. Alviola

Field of award: Wildlife Studies

Year awarded: 2017

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of his significant research contributions in the field of mammalian ecology and taxonomy, treatment cave biology, conservation biology, and bat virology; for his substantial contribution in the development of methodologies and implementation of the community-based Biodiversity Monitoring System in the Philippines, a national monitoring tool, which proved to be effective in the conservation and management of protected areas in the country. Prof. Alviola is instrumental in enriching information about mammals in Luzon Island and documented two species of shrew-rats (Chrotomys) new to science, which became the basis for selection of Mt. Palali as a potential protected area. He co-described at least ten new species of rodents (Apomys, Soricomys) and a forest bird (Robsonius) from Luzon. His collaboration with international and Filipino virologists led to the discovery of several novel viruses and other pathogens detected from bats.

Current Position: Associate Professor 2, Institute of Biological Sciences

Office Address: University of the Philippines, Los Banos