Rafael C. Bundoc

Field of award: Orthopedics

Year awarded: 2000

Division: Health Sciences



In recognition of his pioneering works and accomplishments as a professor of medicine, buy more about clinician and a scientist. Dr. Bundoc exerted much of his efforts in research in bioengineering and inspired him to take the challenge of locally producing technologies that are otherwise unavailable or unaffordable. Widely adopted by many health institutions are jet-lavage for contaminated wounds, approved simplified external bone fixation device, medications among others. The first ever locally made Continuous Passive Motion Machine has been very useful for the rehabilitation of post-trauma, stroke and arthritic patients. He also discovered the process of replicating human bones, the first local Biochemical, Biomaterial Testing and Plastination Laboratories.


Education: D (Medicine) University of the Philippines Manila 1986; AB (Humanities) University of the Philippines Manila 1981