Raphael A. Guerrero

Raphael A. Guerrero

Field of award: Physics

Year awarded: 2013

Division: Physical Sciences


In recognition of his research on volume holographic storage and animation which provides a new holographic method for storing multiple pages of data in a nonlinear crystal, drug the first published work on elastomeric optics from research conducted in the country. His studies on the diffraction from relief gratings on a biomimetic elastomer cast from the carapace of a beetle found in Mindanao, more about reported a convergence of materials science, view optics, and Philippine biodiversity. His consistent research outputs have proven that one can produce excellent research in Physics within the country using locally developed research facilities and manpower.  He has provided expert support in making policy decisions that have a significant impact on the state of physics in the country and for contributing to the visibility of Philippine physics within the global community of scientists.

Current Position: Associate Professor

Office Address: Department of Physics, Ateneo de Manila University

Education: PhD (Physics), University of the Philippines, Diliman 2005; MS (Physics), University of the Philippines, Diliman 2000; BS (Physics), University of the Philippines, Diliman 1998