Raymond R. Tan

Raymond R. Tan

Field of award: Mechanical Engineering

Year awarded: 2004

Division: Engineering Sciences


In recognition of his scientific and technological work in the field of mechanical engineering specifically in developing novel methodologies for pollution prevention and cleaner production (P2/CP). For this purpose, check he has employed mathematical tools from the fields of operations research (OR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in solving data-intensive problems encountered in life-cycle analysis (LCA) and process integration (PI) or pinch technology. These generate cost-effective solutions to the environmental effects of industrial activity. These methodologies were used in addressing specific problems facing the country today including: optimal utilization of Malampaya natural gas reserves in the transportation sector; selection of environment friendly motor vehicle fuels; reduction of water demand in industrial plants; and design of green buildings through selection of eco-friendly materials.

Current Position: University Fellow and Professor of Chemical Engineering; Director, buy Center for Engineering & Sustainable Development Research

Office Address: De La Salle University, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila

Education: PhD (Mechanical Engineering), De La Salle University 2002; MS (Chemical Engineering), De La Salle University 1998; BS (Chemical Engineering), De La Salle University 1994