Raymund C. Sison

Raymund C. Sison

Field of award: Computer Science

Year awarded: 2002

Division: Engineering Sciences


In recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of computer science especially on the use of intelligent information technologies. He proposed a conservational model of internet-based learning, stuff and a framework for the intelligent support of learning on the World Wide Web that covers various models of learning, nurse including self- directed, tutorial, discovery, and collaborative learning. He harnessed information technology not only to provide support for learning to as many students as are on the internet, but also to care for students as individuals by tailoring instruction, remediation, and other learning activities to their specific needs which has resulted to a profound “mass customization” of learning that a country and economy needs today.

Education: PhD (Computer Science) Tokyo Institute of Technology 1998; MS (Computer Science) De La Salle University 1990; BS (Computer Science) De La Salle University 1987