Ricardo Jose DLT. Quintos II

Field of award: Vascular Surgery

Year awarded: 2000

Division: Health Sciences


In recognition of his contributions in the field of vascular surgery by demonstration the art of applying new knowledge obtained from the basic medical sciences to clinical problems. He exemplifies the “physician-scientist-community leader” which the World Health Organization is advocating for. Dr. Quintos’ researches which range from the molecular basis of vascular disease to mathematical modeling of perfusion based on biophysical principles, illness e.g., tadalafil innovative surgical approaches to limb salvage, gene and antibody therapies and development of a virtual vascular laboratory using computed fluid design. The development and invention of medical devices for therapeutic purposes reflect his broad comprehension and panoramic approach to the problems of vascular disease and earned him an award from the National Cardiovascular Center in Osaka, Japan for his “arteriovenous flow reversal management of the ischemic limb”. He has authored chapters in the latest edition of the specialty textbook- “Rutherford’s Textbook of Vascular Surgery.”

Education: MD University of the Philippines,1990; BS (Psychology) University of the Philippines 1985