Roberto B. Corcino

Roberto B. Corcino

Field of award: Mathematics

Year awarded: 2008

Division: Mathematical Sciences


In recognition of his outstanding research contribution in the field of mathematics, buy more about specifically in combinatorics: treating of the formation, this web enumeration, and properties of partitions, variations, combinations, and permutations of a finite number of elements under various considerations, which has important applications in the design and operation of computers.  He was the first to study enumerative combinatorics in the Philippines out of which he published several articles in three international journals.

Current Position: Director of Research/Professor VI

Office Address: Mamitua Saber Research Center, Mindanao State University, Marawi City

Education: PhD (Mathematics) University of the Philippines Diliman 1999; MS (Mathematics) University of the Philippines Diliman 1998; BS (Mathematics) Mindanao State University 1992

Curriculum Vitae: roberto_corcino