Thomas Edison E. Dela Cruz

Thomas Edison E. Dela Cruz

Field of award: Mycology

Year awarded: 2012

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of his significant contributions in the study of fungal diversity in the country in particular on the under explored myxomycetes, approved dictyostelids, information pills fruticose lichens, mangrove fungi and marine fungi. He isolated novel natural products that can be developed into new drugs. His research also depicted the role marine fungi play in ice-ice disease formation among cultivated seaweeds. This information could be useful in devising control measures for this disease. His research projects on myxomycetes and dictyostelids as well as on the fruticose lichens revealed many new records for the country updating the records to 130 including one species new to science and three new records of dictyostelids.

Current Position: Professor and Chair

Office Address: Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science, University of Santo Tomas

Education: Dr. Rer. Nat. (Natural Sciences), Technical University Braunchweig 2006; MS (Biological Sciences), University of Santo Tomas 1999; BS (Microbiology), University of Santo Tomas 1996

Curriculum Vitae: cv-2013-te-dela-cruz