Willie P. Abasolo

Willie P. Abasolo

Field of award: Agriculture

Year awarded: 2007

Division: Agricultural Sciences


In recognition of his pioneering researches on rattan (Calamus spp.) and several bamboo species as well as his significant work on the micro-mechanics of the plant cell wall. His investigation on the thermo-mechanical properties of the rattan cane gave the exact softening temperature of the material.  This offered the much-needed information on the efficient processing of rattan canes. Further, clinic he has studied the effects of site conditions on the growth behavior and properties of rattan grown in plantations to define the optimum conditions where the plant can produce the best cane and to serve as basis in the selection of future sites.

Current Position: Associate Professor and UP Scientist 1

Office Address: FPPS Department, malady College of Forestry and Natural Resources, information pills University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna

Education: PhD (Agriculture), Nagoya University 2002; MS (Agriculture), Nagoya University 1999; BS (Forestry), University of the Philippines Los Baños 1993

Curriculum Vitae: abasolo_willie