Aletta Concepcion T. Yñiguez

Field of award: Marine Biology and Fisheries

Year awarded: 2017

Division: Biological Sciences


In recognition of her scientific innovation and dedication in understanding the dynamics of ocean ecosystem, malady especially the primary producers that support the base of the food web by using an arsenal of field, buy more about laboratory and modelling approaches to investigate the potential effects of climate change on the biosystems, and the ensuing fisheries including  the dynamics and complexity of benthic ecosystems. Dr. Yñiguez led the development of the first integrated biophysical models for sardine fisheries and harmful algal bloom management in the Philippines. She made significant contributions to the first Philippine early-warning system for harmful algal blooms/red tides. Dr. Aletta has channeled her efforts towards assisting the development of the Philippines capacity to tie together automated techniques in biological oceanography and real-time models for operational early-warning systems to aid in different ocean-related issues.

Current Position: Associate Professor 7

Office Address: Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines Diliman